We are leading suppliers of various industrial raw materials and commodities such as:


  • Steel and non-ferrous metals
  • Plasticizers
  • Building materials
  • Sawn timber and wooden products
  • Chemicals
  • Feed and food additives etc.




We are cooperating with many Israeli and Hungarian  Pharma companies such as Gideon Richter , Egis, Ubichem, Teva, Perigo, Rekah, Chemada and more, in order to develop their business in Israel and abroad.


*Business Development


We provide services and support to companies that are interested to penetrate into the Israeli, Eastern-Europe and Chinese markets.


*Exporting Israeli technologies Hi tech and knowhow





Cooperating with the leading Israeli companies in projects and representing companies such as : Netafim, Agam Agro, Pelemix, Ginegar, Paskal, and others in eastern Europe.


*Recycling & waste management:


For many years, we are involved in Paper & Glass recycling with some of the leading Austrian companies as well as waste management projects.